Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Three Times A Lady" - Lionel Richie

So I haven't updated in a bit, but I've been here, there, and everywhere.

Sunday I ended up back at Foxwood's again and after being down $150 I got dealt 8-8 (after watching WSOP last night I believe 8-8 is the new A-A, more later) in middle-late position. Limper table, with a super aggressive player in the BB. No raises, 5 limpers.

Flop: 5-5-3 Not bad for me but with both blinds a little cautious on my end. Checks around
Turn: 8 Bingo, bango, bongo! Good news is I have the best hand out there, bad news is its a small pot (12 bucks). Checks around to me again and I throw a $15 bucker out there figuring if some unlucky sap has a 5 we will find out quick. One caller, the button.
River: 6 Im trying to figure out what I can bet to get this guy to call/raise me. I figure I might get him to re-raise me if I overbet the pot a tad. I toss out a $50 bet. "Raise" the button says as I exhault inside with glee. He pushes $100 in. I re-raise the last $50 or so he has and he calls quick. "Full house" he says 5s full of 6s, I turn over my 8's full and I take down the pot.

Now as I was pulling all those chips in he made some comment about "do that again, i dare ya" and I'm baffled because 1) I got a free turn card 2) I bet the pot then an overbet on the turn and river (which he called then raised) and I did something wrong to this man? ITO went up!

The rest of the session was more being amused by the super aggressive person at my table. He had re-raised me out of 2 pots early on and showed both hands, J-J (I had A-K) and 7-7 (I had hit top pair "Q" with a K kicker. I tended to just avoid him as I didn't want to tangle unless I had the Planters. Anyway, great story about him. He's talked people out of their hands and everytime he did he had them beat (very easy to read, it was his betting patterns that were sporatic) in once such hand he played his BB "blind". It limped around to him and he raised to $10 without even checking his cards. 4 callers.

Flop: J-4-4 He leads out for $25 (still hasnt peeked) and he gets one caller in early position (she just joined the table and had posted) as soon as she calls he peeks.
Turn: J Bets out $50 and EP calls
River 5: He bets out the remaining stack that EP has. Shes goes into the tank, while the whole time he is just saying "I got you, just fold and save your money. Think of it as a Christmas present" etc etc. She ends up calling.

He has J-5 and she has A-4. I laughed my ass off.

Left up $275, making the weekend a + of $505. Not a bad haul.

MATH was a disappointment this week. Bad luck and trying to deal with Comcast reps at the same time combined to take me out. Q-Q with a flop of Q-J-9, all-in and Island turns over K-10. Later on I had 10-10 vs Island's K-K. Game over. Mookie tonight, gotta get back in the cash so I feel like I can prove im not a one donk wonder.

I ended up buying the WSOP internet broadcast last night after I took a nap. Started watching after 7th place was eliminated on a bad beat K-J vs J-8. Stayed up till 1am EDT to watch the Russian double up on Yang. I didn't think Yang could win the thing after that, but he was not to be held down. A cool 8.25 mil, not a bad haul.

Mookie tonight, hoping for a cash.