Monday, August 13, 2007

"For Doze Dat Slept" - Black Sheep

1st out at the Hoy. I think thats the last blogger tourney I do for awhile, if ever again. I used a $26 token to get bounced by 9s when he thought he was beat by 2 pair or a higher pp, and then finished off by Columbo's raised 7-2 vs my A-2 with a 7 on the river. I could have gotten bounced by donkeys in the 28k for more fun then that.

Awesome my pocket 9s lost to A-Q with an A on the flop. Why do we even bother showing the board? I can always just realize im beat to 2 overcards and muck if full tilt gives me that button. OR they can just show the river first and go backwards from that. Since again a 7 on the river gives this dipshit who called me with 6-7 the win.
I closed out of the SnG early or I could have posted about 6 hands in a row I got K-x unsuited each time.

Now that I've dropped $60 again so far today, I think when I hit $1k again, ill cash out for real this time.