Friday, August 3, 2007

"Last Night" - Diddy with Keysha Cole

Foxwoods again tonight if I can ever get out of this place. I "forgot" to blog that I dumped $300 last Friday in 1/2...maybe its why Im so upset about Full Tilt.

The table wasn't that tricky, very lose, so I played it very tight. I was actually up $100+ before I pissed it away basically on two hands: on pocket 9s vs Ks & 10s. The Ks was an absolute maniac he was raising with ATC play in mind, the second caller had been playing tight but I couldnt figure him for a pocket pair. And I look down at 9s and I'm thinking I'm good. Nope board helped noone, so maniac wins.

Second hand was Q-Q. Since I had a decent hand in early position I called because I know some of the guys behind me were raising a little bit. It was not a limper's table. LP raises to 15. I call and one other calls. Flop is J high. LP bets 15, other caller folds, I raise to 45. He re-raises all-in (THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FUCKING CLUE) I call. A-A

I finally started making some money back towards the end of the session (I was down $500 at one point) but then the table broke and I left.

Absolutely I am determined to play better tonight, this will turn out better than last week.