Thursday, August 2, 2007

"Beat It" - Michael Jackson

Offically I'm done with Full Tilt. I had a real rough night that I just can't explain away to coincedence.

Before the mookie in a Cash game I had A-A cracked by pocket 5s (he ended up with quads).

After I donked myself out of the Mookie really bad:

A-A all in pre-flop against Q-Q and 7-7, 7s win.

A-A with pot sized bets all the way loses to j-7 when a 7 on the river gives him 2 pair.

K-K loses to A-7o

J-J loses to K-K

A-Qo loses to A-A when the 4th and allegedly final Ace hits the flop.

3 of those hands were to the same guy Phatguy69r. Ever feel like a guy is just getting WAY too lucky to be coincedence, well here's my example.

He beat with a set of 7s, made a questionable call, but not a bad play I guess. But after that he must have made it his mission to just rob me blind with stupid crap. The J-7 hand was him, after he rivered me he made the comment "THERES NO WAY TO PUSH ME OFF A POT!"

Do I get mad? Absolutely. Did I tilt in cards? Nope. All those hands I listed were the only hands I played. I was tight, super tight even. Im just mad there is no poker justice online.

Joe thinks I should keep some money in there, I'm not so sure. Ill guess Ill steam off a bit and see where we are in a few days.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

That is sick... but remember, variance is part of poker. And, keep looking for that dude. He's a calling station and more often than not, you'll win. Go get your money back.