Friday, August 10, 2007

"On The Road Again" - Willie Nelson

Another trip to the 'ole F-woods tonight. Im on a 3 week losing streak and I'm afraid my bankroll can't take too many more hits. I am still going too over the top when I play, take this hand for example:

1/2 NL

Dealt to me: A-Qo in MP
Fold to Me
Raise to $16, 1 Caller (Button)

Flop: A-K-10 rainbow

Bet: $20 , Button calls so I put him on a draw or a made straight.

Turn: Ks I don't think this card helped him but now a flush draw possibility, so I bet out $25, and the guy thinks for a smidgen then calls. I absolutely think he is on a draw now since it took him so long to think. I put him on maybe J-10 or A-J.

River: 9 At this point I think he has just been praying for some miracle card, and Im trying to make it seem like I had A-K the whole way. I bet $50. He goes into the tank big time and yells out "FUCK". Absolutely on a straight or flush draw, right? But in sheer amazement he frustratingly says "I call."

I show my pair o Aces, and he turns over K-J for trip Ks. I am floored. He called with middle pair and a gutshot draw, gets a miracle Turn then obviously had put me on A-K but called anyway. As the night wore on I saw why he made that call. He was always thinking he has a good chance to make a gutshot draw or a runner runner flush. Not that it helped me any, as I pissed away my $+100 profit that I was up at the time. The night got worse from there....

So again I WILL WIN TONIGHT. I will play agressive when I got it, and lay back when I'm not sure what they are drawing to.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

In a cash game, controlling the pot size is key. Keep it small when you're not exactly sure where you're at and really pop it up when you have it. I think it's so much more important in cash games than in tournaments.