Monday, August 6, 2007

"Picture" - Filter

"Would you take my picture, cause I won't even move."

I know it means something else, but im referencing my last 2 blogger tournaments with this phrase.

In the big game it played out like this: I won a $75 token into the game then I unceremoniously get bounced when I raise from the button with Qd-10d. One limper luckbox Bayne himself. Flop is Q-9-x rainbow. Bayne checks to me and I bet the pot. Bayne raises. At this point I know he flopped a set. I KNOW IT. So what do I do? Raise all-in. Why? No logical explanation other than I refuse to believe him. Or rather, I refuse to believe how unlucky I am. Like clockwork he calls and shows his set o 9s. Bye me.

Tonight in the MATH. I have pocket 10s early on in the SB and Mike Maloney raises from MP. Bunch of people call, and my first instinct is to raise, but I just limp in. Flop is all small 8-6-x. I check, MM bets the pot and i just call thinking he has a big A but not much more. Check round on the turn, I check the river when it comes out an A. He bets 250. Now keep in mind I put him on a big A on the flop. So again I call the silly bet. He turns over not an A, but 6c-8c for 2 pair.

Same tourney but 6 hands later 10-10 in late position. Buddydank min raises from UTG. I know Buddy to be a tight player, and his min raise is really suspicious to me. This time I raise. Only he calls. AGAIN an all low flop. He checcks, I bet the pot. He raises. I know I'm beat, I KNOW IT. I put him on J-J due to his suspicious slowplay. So of course I re-raise all-in. Well he doesn't have J-J, just A-A. I'm out again, yay me. Then he tells everyone on the radio how basically lured me into his A-A trap. Its not that I didn't know he had me beat, I just played stupidly of course.

"Cause I won't even move..."

I hate this game sometimes...


Dillo said...

Yo Brian. It sux. I'm on a similarly bad run on FT.

The only advice I can give you is .... listen to your inner zen card deity. Fold when you're beat. Pot odds be damned sometimes.

It'll turn itself around. Heck. It's GOTTA!!!!

Mike Maloney said...

Sorry about that river bet. It was a total sucker bet that I knew you'd call. Just happened to catch a nice flop. Soooted connectors are gold!

Poker Brian said...

Thanks dillo!

No way should you be sorry, if I can't learn to listen to my gut and stop making silly calls I won't ever take it to the next level.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I hate that. "Knowing" that the other guy has you beat by A LOT and calling or raising. That is certainly death... and it happens sometimes.