Monday, March 31, 2008

"Long Time Gone" - Dixie Chicks

Man it feels like forever since I posted last! "Only 08/20/07" Heh, so much has come and gone since then. Settled out of court for my ankle injury, then bought the in-laws (can they be in-laws if ive known them forever and not married?) a cruise to Bermuda. They absolutely deserve it for all the crap they had to do while I couldnt walk.

I got my poker stash up over the $1200 mark from Foxwoods before I stopped going for a bit, more than anything, the drive wears me out and that includes when I'm not driving. Its 1 hour 15 minutes of pure nothingness, I try to take a cat nap on the way so im refreshed and in the right frame of mind when I hit the table, but more often than not when I get to the table im still yawning and sleepy-eyed.

So anyway after a few weeks of not going the money got used for better things like house repairs, other various things, you know "better things." Online I stayed afloat for a long time hovering around the $1k mark until I got addicted to MTGO again and was funneling funds from the poker account to people giving me MTGO tix, until I got tired of that too.

So after a few weekends of feeling the itch again, I've been expieriencing one of the worst slumps of my career. I'm under $600 for the first time since last summer, and its been to my incredulous attitude. This week alone. I have started with K-K up against 5-5 and lost to quad 5's (all-in pre-flop), another hand J-J against 5-5 and lost to quad 5s (all-in pre-flop), A-A (the one hand of Bullets I got in 3+ weeks) loses to K-J two pair (all-in on Flop after pre-flop 5x raise), and then theres the 10+ hands no matter what they are (from K-K to 3c-6c) that I run into A-A someone else has. I know people go hot (see me last May-July) and then go deathly cold (see me now). I know poker has its ups and downs, and i know many time ive lost when I shoulda won, and won when I shoulda lost, but damn. This seems like the longest un-winning streak ever. I do have a $26 token that I'd like to get in some $28k guaranteed action, maybe end up at the final table again.

Other than poker, i have taken an interest in Blackjack again. 2 times in March I played, and the first time i should have left $100 up (stupid new guy hits a 15 with dealear showing a 4) and then on my birthday after a horrible showing at Spanish 21 (down $150 in 30 minutes) I end the night up $175 after a $25/hand BJ table with Alissa's cousin and friend. Can't complain about that!

Back to poker: Mo Sun got these Pokertek tables I've been meaning to try but keep getting sidetracked by BJ or craps. No dealer, basically online poker at a casino. They have some SnGs like $60 or $80, which is better than those $125 ones at F-woods because I can play a few before getting busted.

So for now Online will probably be my only gambling solace as we are preparing to put our Condo on the market and will have to hit a few open houses to find a house we both like, kinda exciting, I will finally get my gamblin' room where I can stick my Casino professional poker table, jam out on Rock Band, and relax.

I'll try to post any more poker related articles I encounter, but hopefully all is well out there in poker blogger land.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Holy cow... and I just thought you quit blogging!!!

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