Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Oops I Did It Again" - Britney Spearz!

So I played again last night on Full Tilt... Used my $26 coin to enter the $28k guaranteed and i played 2 hands. 2 FRICKIN HANDS!
First hand A-Ko in LP. Early in the tourney, most stacks are at 3k or around that, 50/25 blinds.
Raise 3x and get 1 caller.
Flop: Jh,9h,8s
Check to me, continuation bet of greater than 3/4ths the pot. Call after the timer clicks down a little.
Turn: 10d
Checks to me, check is good.
River: blank
Checks to me, check is good.
Caller turns over Ad-Qd….. Gutshot draw on the flop and that’s it….
Not too much later....
Second hand: As-Js on the button. EP call, raise from guy to my right. I call. EP calls.
Flop: Jc, 6c, X
Check from EP, bet by guy to my right. Re-raise all-in by me. Long, long looooooong looooooooooooooooooong thought by EP then a call. OB calls. Me all-in, they both still have cash.
Turn: 8x
They both get it all-in. They hands are as follows: Original raiser: A-Jo, me A-Js, EP 6c-8c. For the two pair win…..
I played another SnG after that but I was on the kind of tilt where you aren't playing bad, but you know every flop, turn and river is not your friend.