Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Crazy Game of Poker" - O.A.R.

So I played in two blogger events last night the Mookie and Dookie. Mook was the usual 1.5k starting chips NLHE. Started off bad, within the first 20 minutes I lost almost half my stack, then I went as high as 5th. After that I went card dead, the chip leader came in and start bossing the table around, and before I know it I have 2k chips left, the blinds are 240/120 with 50 ante?, and I get As-9s, so I push knowing full well what Im going to get called by. Chip leader is the only caller and wouldn't you know he has blessed A-A, unfortunately no A on the flop to further torment me, but I did grab an all red board with nary a spade to be seen to knock me out in 24th out of 102. Is that in the points, I have no clue.

The Dook was another story, the game was PLO, and I was on fire. A-A, K-K, A-A 2 more times. Hit a set with 9-9 in my hand, filled some flushed. I catapualted to the lead early and stayed there for a bit. Then the beats started rolling in. Im in the BB with a mix hand of middle number cards. Checks to me I check. Flop is 9-7-6 two clubs. I have a 10 and an 8 in my hand for the made straight. The other person doesnt have very much for chips left, so I decide to put the decision on them to chase for the flush or higher straight. Get it all in, and if I remember correctly the person had pair of 7s and maybe a flush draw. Well thanks to a lovely turn and river 5, he got to use the 7and 5 in his hand for a boat that beat my straight.

After another suckout that puts me down to 2kish in chips, I push with A-A-K-J 3 hearts. Some middle middle stack calls my pot bet instead of just raising me the 300 extra i have left. Low flop but having no other choice I push. MS calls with just about the junkiest hands in Omaha ive seen for a lovely straight. Just another day on the FT!

I read all these posts about people getting mad at the table, I don't I vent out loud to myself or in print like this worthless blog, or in the case of last night when the gf is sleeping, I go play CoD4 and kill some terrorists. Then I go to bed, wake up the next morning and forget what happened (for the most part) so that when I get home we can resume all over again.

Tonight is the Riverchasers tourney which im expecting to have another mediocre showing in, I guess donking all my money of to the bloggers isnt so bad, I could donk it off to some random jackass that does know shit from banannas.