Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Same Old Song and Dance" - Aerosmith

Well folks, the curse of the FT has continued on. I placed 4th in the Hoy last week which got my bankroll up to $671. As of this post my bankroll has sunk to approx $380. Almost 3oo bucks in little over a week. Apparently my life is a bad beat (pun!). I could go on and on about the various beats, the various stupid plays I've made or the general discontent i'm expieriencing towards FT right now.

In an otherwise craptacular week, I've managed to do ok in a bunch of blogger events since the Hoy but have yet to cash again. In the Hoy this past Monday I made a 1 outer on the Turn (my Q-Q vs A-Q) to double up to 11k in chips and almost assure myself a points placement, only to be slow-rolled into running my A-Ko into A-A on an A high flop.The thing is I was playing really good, I mean REALLY good. Haven't felt that confident playing in a long time, and then I get bounced when I totally misread Princessmeowmeow's hand as being weak and she caught her case A to seal my doom. After this I played the Midnight madness where I had my A-A cracked by A-Ko, IRONY!

I have started to get an obsession about HORSE, multi games never really interested me, although I have had Omaha and Stud iterests in the past. I played the Skillz Horse game last Tuesday and I was doing suprisingly well in it until I didn't notice that the game had switched from Razz to Stud Hi and my awesome low lost to 2 pair...

Last night's Skillz challenge was Stud 8, was doing okay in that until for my 4-flush with a 4-straight draws ended up netting me 3 pairs... Losing hand was A-8-A when my opponent 7th streeted a 5 for 2 pair. Then I ran A-10 into A-A in a 12 sng, and crapped out of a HORSE sng.

Been a bad last month for me on FT, needless to say. I even hit up F-woods on Sunday for the first time in awhile, I played 2/4 limit just to see if I could get a beginner's feel on poker. I felt great, picked up a bunch of tells from people. Made some good reads and laydowns. Was up $40 at one point, before those river rats with no descernible draws hit that off the wall card on the end to close a boat or fill a gutshot straight. Typical, and I was not upset. After that I played Craps for a good 2 hours and was up almost $200 at one point till I just decided to play with what I was up and gave it all back. Honestly going to the casino isnt about winning to me, its juat about enjoying the process. I taught some guy how to play craps and he made everyone at the table a boatload of money, AND we all had a good time.

Tonight is the Mook and I'm signed up, not expecting much, but hoping for the best.