Monday, April 21, 2008

"Ode To My Car" - Adam Sandler

I really, really REALLY need an explanation on why full tilt consistantly is giving me the short end of the stick. Its not even about bad beats anymore, its about 1 man never winning when ahead.

First tourney: I have K-K. Blinds are 60/120, ep pushes all-in for 1.2k. I have a little over 2k. Do you fold K-K in this spot when I know dang well he has A-A or A-x? I call and he shows A-6o.
Flop: A

I dont get why bad moves are constantly rewarded?

Second Tourney: 10-10 blinds about the same. Ep raises to 480. I call even though its about half my stack.
Flop is 9 high with no draws.
EP pushes all in, I call. He flips K-Q

Turn: K

76% to win and I lose. I wouldnt be so pissed if it hasnt been happening non-stop for over a month. Ive gone from $680 to $200 in that span...

I'm not playing bad, but im getting the short end....