Monday, April 21, 2008

"Working for The Weekend" - Loverboy

So I hit up the F-woods Friday night, and I was unsure about what I was going to play. I could play poker of course or I could just stick to casino games all night. I opted for poker.

I got downstairs and I went to the cage first to see if any $120 SnGs were on the verge of starting, the guy told 5 seats left. It was slow for a Friday, so I didnt think it would start fast so I sat down at a 1-3 stud table. I literally played one hand before they announced the SnG.

At the SnG I didnt get too much in the way of cards, good lively table though and I enjoyed hearing how a guy two to my right was "threatening" to go out in a blaze of glory if he got bad beat. Rip up the cards, etc etc. He wasnt seriously but the way he delivered those lines it everyone crack up. Think of like Cheech Marin meets Jackie Chan, thats the guy for ya.

I ended up only really playing 1 hand, Ad-Qd. Level was 100/200 almost time for antes. I had 1.2k in chips. BB to my right before he looked at his hand said he was prolly going to push this hand. So when I saw mine, I had to be him to it so I pushed. one caller, the SB. I asked if he had A-A and he said no (see what full-tilt has done to me??), he turned over Jc-Js.

Flop was Qc-10c-9c

Wow could any flop be more grim for me? Two Js, any K, any 8, any club! 17 outs. 68% chance he wins.

Turn x
River 3c

Im done. Not dicouraged too much I decide to join another SnG.

The second table was even friendlier than the first minus two old guys sitting in seats 9 & 10. This girl sits to my right and tells me this is her first casino SnG. I asked her where she plays online and she said BoDog. So she peppered me with questions throughout the evening. Oh and she won the first hand where I was the BB and she was the SB, I felt bad betting her out of the hand so I checked it down. Course I had 6-2, she had 10-6.

Things are going so-so for me, the table is pretty tight minus seat 3 who is pushing all-in with every raise. He finally gets beat and the table returns to normal. I'm not seeing any real cards until Seat 10 raises to 900. Blinds are at 100/200 no antes yet, and I have 1.2k. I peek at my cards to see a J-J. After a few seconds of thought I push knowing he will call my 300 extra.

He flips over A-Ko and the board blessed me with a race I actually won. He said "Nice Hand" but then was mumbling something under his breath about not understanding why I pushed with J-J etc etc, I didnt get why he was ticked about that.

Slowly people kept getting the boot until the girl to my right left in 5th place. Seat 9 at this point had about 8k or so and the rest of the 12k was spread almost evenly between the 3 of us left. I got a little more aggressive and had a few more scares.

Seat 4 turned out to be a deaf guy about my age or a tad bit younger. No idea he was deaf until I got involved with him in a few hands. Both times I had A-K vs him having A-Q. First time we chopped when a 2345 hit the board. Second time he flopped A-Q but I hit 9 on the flop, turn and river, to split it with him. Around this time he pushed all in again, and I looked down to see A-Jo. I thought about it for a little but mucked it face up. He asked if I called and I said no. I asked what he had and he said "A-Q" we both laughed about that one.

The guy to my left I had been joking with the whole game because we both were getting horrible cards. He told me at one point he was getting a X-2 every hand. This info later helped me fold on a A-2-2 board when he flipped up a 2 to show me he had the deuce. I ended up taking him out in 4th place on a hand I forget.

So the 3 people left were Myself, seat 4, and the mean a-hole in seat 9. 9 had been berating every dealer we had and berated some players at the table also. I had asked him a question at some point about the previous table he was playing at and he gave me some snotty response. He ended up bouncing seat 4 from the game and held a slight chip lead.

Here I went into super agressive mode, and raised any semi-decent hand I saw. He folded each time. I did just call once when I had 2-2. Flop brought a 2, but I could not induce him to bet out and a very random flop. We checked to the river when I finally bet and he folded.

It kept going on like this for 5 minutes or so when finally as a small blind and severly short stacked he said "all-in" I looked to say A-10o and I called. He flipped up A-9 and I ended up winning the whole dang thing.

I did a slight fist pump with no words attached, and he apparently thought I was acting classless which he made a comment about. But when 2 dealers seek you out and congratulate you on beating someone I feel like I hadnt done anything wrong.

I cashed out the first place of $500 and I walked out of the poker room a happy dude.