Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Touch of Grey" - Grateful Dead

Note to self never angry emotional post because you will regret it. Luckily, I cleaned it up right after I posted so as to not offend anyone.

Interetsing note, I always thought the above Grateful Dead song was called "I will Get By" but its not. Learn something new everyday.

Interesting note 2: I had never heard of the band "Midnight Oil" until I was listening to sports talk radio last week and Colin Cowherd mentioned something about them. So naturally I googled them to get some info, then at the game on Friday the song "Beds are Burning" came on and in a childlike voice I stated "Hey thats Midnight Oil!" And all I got back was a collective "Uh yeah" and the duh face. I said, " I never heard of them before last week" and Eric looks at me and goes "where were you 12 years ago?" I said I was 12. And Jason chimes in, "What, you didnt have a tv or radio back then?" To behonest, at that point I was an R&B and rap man back then. Q102 out of Philly was my station of choice, I can remember every Saturday night they had Open House Party and Id sit in my room and just listen and sing along.

Any whoo, after checking out the standings last night I have a renewed sense of determination to do something good in the BBT. After my 6th place finish, I moved up to 76th place right behind IG. Some of these people have played double the games I have (because I got started late) so I feel pretty good.