Friday, May 2, 2008

Sick & tired: for realz!

Missed my first BBT event since April 7th, when I came home sick and went to bed from 7pm not to be woken until 7am this morn. If you know me, you know thats blatantly unheard of for me to do.

Probably for the best as I have been running non-stop events and getting no where, with a new month upon me, I can revitalize and make a run for the 2k seat if anything.
I've thought about it and if I were to win a 2k seat, I'd probably do a tourney other than NLHE, like Stud, Omaha or Razz.

Its a darn shame that Foxwoods doesnt really have mixed games (minus some expensive HA)or a Stud 8 game, Im really into Stud 8 as a cash game. Just something about it that gives it more appeal then NL cash. Itd be really sumpthin if I could eventually get into the 50k HORSE event at WSOP someday...

So I see on ESPN yesterday that in order to spice things up, the WSOP will be holding the NL ME final table in November instead of directly after the actual tournament. Apparently this has been talked about for the past few months because Joe gave me the "oh yeah you dont follow poker news" line when I told him.

So tonight I trek to Foxwoods again, unsure of what I'll play, maybe some Stud 1-3.