Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Everything Falls Apart" - Dog's Eye View

So on the non-poker tip yesterday at the dentist I found out that I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth laying horizontally encased in my jaw. So in order to get those puppies out they have to cut a tooth sized hole in my jaw, then layer the back with some fake jaw thing so the tissue and bone when they grow back, dont leave a valley in the back of my mouth, yum!

All in all the total cost for this comes to $5324. Apparently this sent my gf over the edge and now we will not be buying the house we made an offer on. So much for that...

So anyway I got home from the dentists' office and i mess around in some cheap sattellites, before I donked out. I then laid my eyes on a $9.5 guaranteed knockout tourney.

I was doing very in this tourney (with 20 peeps left I was 12th when 499 started) and I was at about average chip stack (40k approx) when I pick up J-8s in Middle position. It folded around to me, and I thought about raising to switch up my tight play, so I did raise to 3.5x the BB which I think was at 2k by this point. Folded around to the BB who thought about it, and right before time ran out decide to just call.

Now before I go on let me give you some background on this guy. His name was Smartypants43 (dont quote me on the number) and he had previously a few hands before called everyone at the table a donkey because they all had a negative ROI. One guy piped up that he didnt to which SMP43 said "oh yeah you dont". Just for the sake of curiosity I checked him up and he had a 4% positive ROI on with an average investment of $4...

So anywho he calls. Flop is the motherload of all motherloads. 10-9-7. Flopped a well hidden nut straight. So since I had been reading Hoy's articles about extracting ALL of my opponents money I pondered what should I do here to look like I'm afraid this flop missed me bad? Soooo I bet the pot. Like 15-20kish. SMP43 re-raises. At this point I am hoping to goodness he is raising with an A-x or J-J, something that I know he will stack off to me on. I push for th 5k or so I would have left if I just called his raise. He turns over 7-7. In the span of however long FT takes to deal a turn after an all-in call, a 10 on the turn eliminates me in 20th place...
There is no justice in the poker world! So after I'm out but before I leave he says in the chat "horrible raise". Now I've gotten a lot better with going on tilt after makes an obviously assinine comment like that. But I did say something about how lucky his 4% roi on $4 avg buy-ins must have helped him win the hand. Yes I know, I'm horrible at smack talk.

So 20th snags me 50ish bucks, but I feel super disappointed that I couldnt finish off another tourney.

Mookie was just one big "?" last night. RR was at my initial table and you had to see some of the plays people were making. I pushed all in with one chaser to a flush (with 9,6 spades no less) and then next I read a guy for weakness on a Q high flop where I paird my Q, he called with Kh-6h and there was no K, no 6, and only 1 heart on the flop. Before I knew it I was in the lead with 5500 chips. I stayed around that amount for most of the night until once again I donked off my chips to finish 27th out of 101.

Tonight is Riverchasers, so I'm prepared to see if I can keep the cashing streak up, I NEED MORE BBT POINTS!


RaisingCayne said...

Good games this week man, enjoyed having ya at my tables a few times. (Despite all the Lost talk.) Have a good weekend!

(And good luck with the Wisdom teeth fiasco! Ouch.)