Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"I Second That Emotion" - The Miracles

Alright so the day after:

First off congrats to Bdidee, heck of a heads up match, and for him heck of a comeback.

I think the thing he did well was pick his spots. I played just super duper aggressive, he took some chances with my raises, and when he finally did hit he was right in there.

3 hands that stood out as being my proverbial nail in coffin are:

1st Hand: K-Qo. At this point im leading 153k to 28k. I want to end this. I push and he calls with 7-7, no improvement for me.

2nd Hand: I know this hand confused Alan, so I wanted to go through my thought process and maybe he can comment.

I have Kc-5c. I raise. B calls. Flop: Ac-Kh-Qc Nut flush draw with middle pair.

B bets out. B had been playing VERY tight so when he bets out at a flop like this I gotta be thinking Small Ace. I call the flop, which I still think was a good call.
Turn: blank. He bets out again. I'm thinking about folding but with 9 flush cards, 2 kings, and 3 5's, I know I have a chance to bust him if I hit
River: blank I missed it all, and for the 3rd straight time he bets out. No way I can call here with middle pair, so I fold. It looked bad I know, but I just couldnt make a 3rd big call with middle pair.

3rd hand and obviously my most controversial: 2h-3h

I think I did not raise this hand, just called.

Flop: 4-4-5

Heres the dilemma. I'm first to act, if I check he could bet out with whatever and I'd prolly fold. So I decide to push here. 1) I had not pushed all heads up on the flop, last time I pushed was pre-flop with K-Q. I'm hoping to represent a low pair, like 6s, or 2 overs and make him think twice about calling with anything less than a 4 in his hand. He called with A-5, apparently assuming that since im playing so aggressive theres no way I could have hit, i dont know thats a "would you make this call?" question. I dont improve on my open-ended and im crippled.

So thank you to Alan and Donkette for the rail-cheers, and even Buddy for the rail-jeers ;-) and sorry Alan to keep you up so late just to donk off all my chips.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Knowing your cards, I hate how you played it even more. I woulda jammed the flop. That's a monster holding HU. Instead, you call two streets which is marginal but fold on the river. Problem with that was that he only had 10k remaining. If you are calling the turn bet which was like 50k of his remaining 60k, you are committed for his 60k. At least jam the turn. But folding to a 10k bet in a pot of close to 120k is just bad. Still though, good work and take it down next time.

Poker Brian said...

Yeah I hated how I played it too, I think the K-Q vs 7-7 hand threw me off my game for some reason.