Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First (and probably only attempt) at live blogging

Ok so the skillz starts in 27 minutes, and I wanted to try live blogging to see how well it goes.

So far tonight, I've burned another 50 at 1/2 Stud 8, lost boat over boat,numerous two pair on the river, and my personal fav 2-3-5-6 all clubs in my first 4 cards to snag 9,Q,J none of them clubs of course.

Limit holdem didnt do squat, no limit .15/.25 didnt do squat, and now im in a 1800 FTP...no wait I just got knocked out when I trip up on the flop, push all-in but the caller has pocket 4s for 4s full of 10s. AWESOME! Does the turn or river give me a queen or pair? Nope. Well at least FT is consistent at being a bastage. After my extreme card-deadness last night I'm not too confident that the Skillz will be anything different, its pot limit hold em tonight.

22 minutes to go, maybe ill try pokerstars and see if they are as nice as FT has been.

Lol my pic went through on PS, Ron Burgandy always makes me laugh. Now he can make me laugh as I lose money! But seriously, i thought i was playing stud 8, and it was Hi. Not happy when I realized my low wasnt really a good low...

Maybe I should post the times so you can see im actually updating in real-time, much better than guessing!

5 minutes till skill, down 10 at PS. Maybe I should just give cash game up, they arent my thing. New Goal. To only be down the 15 i was up by 9:30.

OK skillz is starting. Listen to this weak sauce of a table: Loretta8, GCox25, MiamiDon, Julkeus, jimdniacc, Elsnarfgrande, shipfaced12 and blank. Good news for one of them, at least one person from my starting table has gone on to the final table. So congrats to that person.

First hand I won! As-Qs. Raised to 100, Julkeus re-raised to 250, I called. Flop was A-J-x. Julk bets 350, I pot, he folds. 3765 atm!

Commercial during the Yanks/O's game talks about some chick's husband has a gambling problem. All I can say is, thank goodness I'm addicted. Also first funny thing I attempted fell flat. GCOX bets 67, and I fold saying ha pot bet is too much. Crickets chirp...

Second winning hand. 5-5 PRESTO! 1/2 pot bet, 2 callers MD and L8. Flop 7-6-7
Half pot bet. L8 Folds. MD calls. Turn: Q Half pot bet, MD folds.

Moved dwal to our table where blank use to be. dwal is 3rd in chips atm.

First questionable hand. 7-7 UTG. limp. Folds to dwal in the BB. He pots. I call. Flop is J-10-2
He bets 300, I half pot, he pots. I dont think hes THAT strong, but i cant call here. Fold. Down to 2893 chips.

Out. Don's A-K beats my 10s. Fuck me.