Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mid-Day musings

1) Put too many "weirds" in the first post, annoying

2)Misspellings and words missing from sentances: I blame this on the college booze, too much boozing in such a short time has affected my typing skills. I use to crack 88 words a minute in my heyday, now im lucky to get 20 right without some error.

3) I forgot to mention the AJ vs QQ hand I had against PirateLawyer. I was SB, short stack, and card-dead. I get the mystical of all mysticalness jackace (both an adjective and a hand in holdem)I raise pot, PL raises back, I push (its 6 hand max, I figure he could push back with a wide range of cards). He has Q-Q, I spike an A on the flop. Luck pure luck.

4) Rant about movies at the movie theater:

Friday afternoon at 4:40 I went with the gf to see Indy. I'll get to my review in second (spoiler-free!) I want to talk about the audience for a moment.

We get there 20 mins early (fyi in CT there was a bill proposed to have theaters post the actual start time of the movie, not the proposed time with commercials and promos) there are exactly 2 people in the theater, 2 older ladies about 50ish. We sit a row in front and of to their right.
You probably have the same thought about going to the movies that I do "pick times where there are not going to be a lot of kids." Well let me tell you these 2 ladies (i call them that grudingly) were worse than any teen ive ever encountered. They literally did not shut up for the greater part of the whole movie. There was a 5 minute lull in the middle, but the only thing I could think of is what they were going to say. Basically they were talking about what was happening RIGHT NOW, and commenting on everything that was said or done. Or you know those thoughts you think to yourself as you intently watch a movie but never say out loud because it doesnt NEED to be stated? Yup they commented, almost like a horrible horrible version of MST3K without the funniness.
Although I blame myself, when they yakked through the commercials and previews about what they liked and disliked I should have immediately relocated.

Thankfully someone pelted one of them with a peanut M&M, but they STILL did not get the hint....

5) Spoiler-free review of Indy.
Things I liked: Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett as a naughty Rusky.
Things I disliked: Plot, Lucasfilm CGI, Shia Labeowulf as a biker kid.

The things I took away from this movie were:
a) Lucas is retarded when it comes to CGI, it started with Episode 1 and extends to everything he touches. YOUR CGI DOES NOT LOOK REAL, PLEASE FIX KTHX.

b) CGI prarie dogs and CGI monkeys are battling to be the new Ewoks.

c) The Plot. You know sometimes you play the "1-up" game where someone says something outlandish, for example "You know what would be awesome? Indy finds a turtle poop that is gold in origin but it contains the key to atlantis, they have to venture to the bermuda triangle where they meet Trition king of the mermaids, who he fights to the death, and the Nazis are somehow involved and get sucked into the big trench in the Atlantic Ocean!" THEN your friend steps up, and says "no wait, I can beat that.." Well what he says to you is the actual plot for this movie.

Dudes in a cave that rip peoples hearts out and an ark that steals sould, I can believe. This plot I cannot, sorry.

And its the Skillz tonight, not RC. Oops. Grats to BoneDaddy who took down the Hoy last night.


Shrike said...

I liked Indy. But it helped that I didn't have great expectations for it; it wasn't like I predicted it would hold a candle to Raiders or anything like that.

Sadly, AJ is unbeatable. I like getting that sort of action for my QQ since I rarely 3-bet without the goods ...