Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Hurricane" - Bob Dylan

Such an up and down weekend. I went and blew most of my money in cash games on FT, so much so that after I signed up for all the tourneys this final week of the BBT, I had 24 bucks left in my account. I had $1,500 almost a year ago...

I hit up Foxwoods on Sunday, poker room was dead around 10am. 2nd hand after I sit down I get K-K. Someone raised to 12, I re-raise to $25. I get 5 callers....5??? I knew this table was gonna be a hoot. Flop is all low, so I bet 50 into a $125 pot and get one caller. Turn is a 6. Board is now double sooted, and if someone had a weird straight draw they just made it. Since it was head's up I figure he can't be holding some weird cards to fill a gutshot. So I push for my last $215. Dude is sitting there thinking, mumbling to himself. He asks me if I have Jacks. Don't know that would matter? I mean any overpair I want to bet for value and make him fold any kinda weird draws. He finally folds but tells me he had outs (good for you sir) and I show him the K-K. He just nods in afirmation. I'm figuring he must have had A-10 sooted? Hes figuring the spades were an out and maybe a 7 for a straight? Either way I was way ahead here.

The table was weak and silly, no one raised because when you raised you get 5-6 callers anyway. It was so bad, the same guy would limp A-A, K-K, and Q-Q and lost everytime. Of course he made a spectacle about how "he couldnt beliebe how unlucky he is" and basically calling people donks without saying so. One instance. Limped pot of 6 people. Flop is 3-3-4 Check round. Turn x. SB bets. Bad beat guy calls. River x. SB bets pot size. BBG calls. SB shows 3-4, BBG flips up K-K then wonders aloud how anyone can play 3-4. Yeah it was that kind of day.
The most puzzling hand of the day was when I got 4-4 in the cutoff. I limp, button limps, BB raises, both of us call. Flop is 2-3-5.
BB bets out $20, I call. Button raises to $50. BB calls, I reluctantly cally. Turn is a 10, we check to the button. He bets $100. We both fold. A few hands later the BB asks if he had A-4, and he looks like he cant remember but says yeah. Hmm. A few hands later, similar sitaution but he doesnt realize one person is all-in when he does his raise on a weird flop. Unfortunately we have to see his cards now because of the all-in and he had absolutely nothing on the flop. He packed up shop and left not too much later.

At my highest I was up to $200, and I slowly blinded and called off $50, so I left half because the table was garbage, half because I had a splitting headache.
So Foxwoods was a plus again, thats 3 straight weeks up. If I was keeping my poker stash like I was last year, id be over $1.2k. That looks so much nicer than $1200.

Online I got killed. Between $2/4 Stud 8 and stud hi, my best hands could not win. So of course I keep playing till I get sucked dry.

And then last night happened:

Back against the wall, chip and a chair left, I play the Hoy. I get sat at a strong table of Lucko, Rake feeder, Shabazz, and Mattazuma. Oh and Hoy, but he wasnt there at all or it would have been a lot worse. So 2/3rds of the table have TOC seats. First hour of the tourney I played great. Not bragging, but I did. Aggressive, but smart. I get rake feeder to push all in on a draw when I had A-A, doesnt get any better than that. The mo turned a bit when I called Shabazz's Q-Q with 10-10. When I saw my 10-10 I figured I would raise and he would push, I was planning on it, COUNTING on it even. I just didnt expect him to wake up with Q-Q.

I got back up to where I was, then I donked off some more chips to Shabazz. After that point it was survival baby. If there was ever a record for card-deadness I set it last night. Stats in a second. So with about 14 left I get placed at a table with Lucko, MiamiDon, LJ, PirateLawyer and Julkeus. Was there a more scary semi-final table ever? Im low stack of course, but a few spot placement suckouts vs PL and lucko. Kept me in contention. My best hand through this 30-45 minute period was A-J (and I sucked out on Lucko who had A-Q) After MD got bad beat by Lucko (on a sick turn card) I made the final table....short stacked again. Heres where the card-deadness really shines through. Out of 35 hands I played at the final table before being bounced in 5th, I had A-J once, K-J twice, and the rest were various High card low cards offsuit. Thats it, thats all I had. I must have looked like a complete tool folding all the time, but I really really had nothing to even take a stand with. A-7 off on a hunce snagged me a few chips. And after A10 was bounced in 6th, with 1 minute before break left. I pushed with 89 of spades and lucko called with A-7o, I had a gutshot on the flop but closed when an A fell on the turn.

5th place goot for $120. Now I have some cash in the account again. I dont know who won last night, but I gotta give props to Jeciimd. Dude was nearly out and came back with a vengeance.

RC tonight, 4 chances left at that TOC seat...


Shrike said...

Well I guess you needed the $120 more than I did.

AJ > QQ, grr. I am pretty sure that cost me a final table appearance.

Poker Brian said...

No doubt I needed it.

Just lucky. No cards, but lucky boards.

I'm sure lucko re-raising all-in what, 5 times after you raised didnt help either...

It did help me later on when I realized i couldnt min-raise and not commit, if I had a playable hand I had to poosh.