Thursday, May 22, 2008

"The World I know" - Collective Soul

David Cook reigns supreme, my pre-season favorite. Damn I shoulda bet that hard...Congrats to him (who just happens to be a KC Chiefs, like your gracious author) and may you have loads of success.

Got a little tipsy self-medicating for the second night in a row and Im pretty sure it lead me to do silly things in the Mookie last night. Before I knew it the field went from 94 to 38, and im under average.

Big hands to examin from last night were a raise on the button with 8-8 which looked like a steal attempt, and the BB pushed all in with a short stack. I figured he read me for a steal and had a wide of range of cards he could have pushed with so I called. He flips over A-10o and turns an A. Crippled but still in, I push with 5-5 and catch a 5 on the flop to double up. After that I went card dead and was hoping to at least fold to points but with 27 peeps left and me sitting 27th, I finally got A-Jo from EP and pushed with not too many chips. One caller and before she even flipped up her cards I called A-Q, which she did have. Me to the rail.

As for the dookey my mind nor heart was in it and I just tried to play the best I could, ended up bouncing somewhere in the teens out of 22.

Got in this morning and read this post from Hoy, I know what hes saying. If you go through life thinking you are the best at what you do (see American Idol rejects) you are not getting any better. You have to constantly train and test and critique yourself to get better.

As a young poker pup (and exclusively limit player) I had read SS1, and other various books before I ventured out to the casino. I knew about position, I knew about pot odds, and I knew that bluffing is a neccesity but not any every time thing. The difference between now and then is I actually believe in this stuff now. Its kind of hard to believe in pot odds when you play limit and you can justify almost any call with pot odds. And I must have done something right (read: got extremely lucky) to be so successful at poker without understanding the concepts as well as I do now. But even understanding this concepts now doesnt mean Im a perfect or even "good" player. No poker player is perfect all the time, not even pros. I think what makes a good poker player is one who can analyze what they do wrong (especially during a slump) and come back even stronger. If you just sit there while you get your ass handed to you every time you play and you think "i dont understand, im doing everything right" then you will never improve.

Maybe I'll never win the WSOP ME, but man like I said in an earlier post. Just to have some people acknowledge what you are doing is good means a lot more to me. Anyone can be the next Gold or Yang....


Fuel55 said...

You suck at poker but at least you can appreciate AI.