Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mid-Day thoughts on TV shows

First thought: American Idol

Alright first off, if Liss was not into it as much as she is I probably not know a single darn thing about it, but I do. Usually how every season goes is like this: During auditions Liss finds a cute but talented(her words)guy and girl to rally behind. For example Constantine, Ace, Daughtry, Carrie. You get the picture. I usually pick someone who has a good voice and makes it to Hollywood, but doesnt make it past there. Probably my most famous pick was some Sinatra singing guy with the era hat singing "There I go".

Now this year. Im playing poker or something on my laptop, Liss heads off to the rest room, and this dude starts singing. Curious I take a peek, and see his name "David Cook". She comes back as he is getting judged and asks me how he did. I tell her thats hes winning this thing, and she comes back with "oh you only like him because hes from Kansas City" (home to my favorite football team) I did not see where he was from , in fact, I wasn't paying a single lick of attention to the show till I heard him sing. This year she rallied around Brook and Castro, and I unwavered with Cook. So last night when he finally makes the final 2, I triumphnatly say, "Finally I have picked someone in the audition round that has a decent shot at winning the compettion!" She retorts the KC line again. I know shes jealous because her picks always flame out, I just wanted to put it in writing to make myself feel good about that. Oh and if you believe in the accuracy of, that last 4 weeks Cook has been crushing Archuleta in vote totals.

Second Thought: Lost

Funny how I got hooked on this show, Liss was in love with Dominic Monaghan (sp?) and ABC started advertising this show with him in it. Boom, I love the show and she hates it because shes confused.

So far even this shortened season 4 has been by far the best, with the least amount of those episodes that are a chore to watch but you need to because you get pertinent info. Desmond Episode was the best hands down, the only episode that could have spun off into its own tv show I think. Anyway, my inkling is, and I told Tusca John this last week at Riverchasers, I think what Hurley said while theey were playing Risk a few episodes back "Australia is the key" is very important to solving the whole Lost mystery imo. I also was putting forward some theory that the only way to get to the Australia area in Risk is through Siam. Did Whitmore not plant the fake Oceanic 815 near Siam? I cant remember. Anywhoo tonight should be anohter great episode.

Thought Number 3: The Office

The Office is hilarious, I wish I would have watched the show from the beginning but alas the first one I caught was the season 2 Halloween Episode Dwight: "I'm a Sith Lord!"
I don't know how I feel about the Pam/Jim thing, drama is the basis of a great comedy. I think Jim with Karen was great for the show, and Roy always wanting to knock Jim out created some classic moments. I mean I know tonight there will be some twist probably where Pam makes out with Michael (thats a guess not a spoiler, just in case it happens) and it throws the engagment into arrears. I think Kevin Malone is one of the funnier co-stars, here's his poker Bio:
In "Casino Night", he reveals that he won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2002 $2500 NL deuce to seven draw tournament.