Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Hello" - Lionel Richie

Alright first thing, a non-poker tip I have learned when selling real estate. If you have a crappy real estate agent like I do, certain things might happen. "Like what", you may be asking. Well friends, I was literally in my boxers, playing some 2/4 limit Stud 8 watching Cloverfield and eating dinner with the gf, when the doorbell rings. DUN DUN DUN!!!! This is extremely odd because we rarely have visitors unannounced, so I peek out the peephole and I think its my portly next door neightbor. I throw some bball shorts on with my nice white tshirt (total white trash class!) and I open the door to find not my neighbor, but some other portly woman and a skinny blonde to her right. I say, "Hello?" And the portly woman pipes up that hi shes here for a 7pm showing. I know my face had to be one giant ??? because 1) Our agent never said anything about a showing 2) We signed paperwork the night previous selling our condo to someone else.
She asked me questions like "didnt your agent tell you wee were coming?" Ah no. "Oh well I called her 2 days ago and she didnt call me back". Maybe thats a clue, if she didnt call you back that you weren't approved? "Can we just come in?" Well the house is dirty. My gf chimes in "We have 2 little dogs in here." Apparently none of this was phasing in on the fat ass agent outside my door because she says. "Well we came all the way from Farmington to see it." Farmington, CT is like 15 minutes tops from my house, at least tell me a lie like you came from Greenich, or Norwich, something! So since she wasn't backing down and we had agreed with our agent to leave it in show status until the deal was final, we asked for 15 minutes to clean up and get out of dodge. Which we did. She did say the dumbest thing I've ever heard before we closed the door. "You want to let us in because you could be missing out on something big here!" No im not, the house is sold already, plus I know for a fact you aren't going to put in an offer anyway, you are just a bitch.

Long story short, im furious at our agent (she has been nothing but incompetent the whole time), but Liss talks to her and says that she was never confirmed to show the house and is asking why we didnt just slam the door in her face (which I gladly would have done) and she is apologizing profusely.

So after all that I did the Mookie and Dookie. Ended up taking down the Dookie for $65 first place, and I was doing well in the Mookie until they switch JD Schelnut to my left instead of right and he re-raised me all in with every move I made. I was at 9k chips, and I tried to snag the blinds with a sooted hammer, but he raised me all-in again. At this point half my stack is in the pot, if I win somehow id be up to 20kish in chips. So I call, he flips up A-10s (MY BANE IN BOTH LIVE AND ONLINE POKER!) no one makes a pair so I get busted in 7th. Not too bad, would have loved to finally take a Mookie down.

Riverchasers is tonight, I think this is the only tourney left where I have yet to grab some points.