Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Back In the USSR" -Beatles

Bad bad night all around. Played 2/4 Stud 8 and got hammered. If I had 3 to a low 4th street would be a 10 thru K. If I had 3 high cards it get a 4. That kinda thing. I'd raise with pocket pairs and some doosh would draw to a flush when he had no biz calling in the first place.

Then I played the Skillz tourney, got sat at an awesome table with RR, Donkette, Astin and others. Its always nice to get stuck at a table with people who can laugh and joke during a tourney, the early stages anyway. I started off pretty good getting up to 5500 chips before first break. But I kept running into hands where id start off with A-2-4-5 in my first 4 cards, then id get 9,k,k to finish it off. I even picked up a 4 flush on 5th street and didnt hit that either.

Just one of those nights.

Mookie tonight. Havent been fairing to well in this one lately, and I still believe if Im going to win a TOC seat it will probably be in the Skillz event, but i will be there just the same donating funds to the pot.

On the non-poker front, our condo has finally sold and we have offically purchased a home. We have to be out of our condo by 06/13/08, and we wont move into the house until August, so thats a month and half living in my gf's parents basement! Its not too bad, at least we'll save on mortgage and utilities for a month.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

That was a fun table. I agree about being able to joke around and have fun though donkette seemed to have gotten a little heated last night. :)

Poker Brian said...

I seriously think she was joking, I just couldnt see her really getting mad???

Its like you and Astin said, the flop and turn were just sick, sick cards. Nobody was criticizing play or anything, its possible she misunderstood....but I think she was pulling a fast one on us?