Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rant about Respect

So ironically after I posted yesterday about how I'm looking to garner some respect from other established players, last night happened.

In the Hoy I get sat at a short, short table with 5 people. Those 5 people happened to be Blinders, MiamiDon, Joanne, and her buddy UponPoker?

Not a fun table to be started off on. So things are going on as normal, and Poker said he was going to be afk for a bit. So I immediately start noticing that every time it folds around to MD on the button, he raises, I fold my SB and Poker auto-folds. This happened at least 4-5 times, I was keeping track but not committing it to memory. So finally he raises his normal raise and I call with Q-7 to see if I can out flop him. Flop comes down A-7-4. I think I'm probably good here because he could be raising with anything as his play on the button had been loose. I bet it out, thinking I can get him to fold right here. He raises something like 3 times my bet. It still feels like I'm good here and he could be raising me with any two cards, so pop it back at him 3 times his raise thinking he is done, and almost putting myself all-in during the process. He thinks about it then pushes, by this point I half at least 2/3rds of my stack in there, and if happen to have an A then it was my bad luck, so I call. MD flips over the open ended and I flip my 7s, he doesnt improve and is bounced. Questionable? Maybe. I played my 7s very agressive while he must have known since I just smoothed called his raise I didn't have an Ace? So he says GG, i say gg. Done, right? Nope, he throws in a "gl playing that way".

Now I am happy to admit that I have toned it down a lot from going tilt when a busted player says some snarky comment, I take it in stride when I know I made a stupid play and win, but when I feel I did everything I could to represent the best hand and win, it bothers me. It bothers me even more because I absolutely respect the hell out of MD. He doesn't need to prove to anyone thats hes a great poker player, his bankroll and accomplishments speak for themselves, and like I said I respect that even if he doesnt respect me or my play.

So in the heat of the moment, and half thinking he logged out which is what i do when im steaming, I said "I hate that I get crucified for making a stand after he raised my SB 5 times." Nothing too inflammatory, but Blinders and Poker thought I was talking to them, I apologized to both of them. MD hadnt left and said he was cool, then he tossed another insult I guess that "You take stand like LJ does." Not sure who exactly who LJ is, and im not sure is was a slam or in jest, but either way it just put me in a foul mood.

I think the bottom line is that while yes, not all my decisions are rational because I do play some still on gut feeling, but all in all over the lifetime of my poker playing I have a positive ROI. Some of my greatest accomplishments are:

1) Taking the free $15 from The Gaming Club Poker room and turning that into $1400. Actual check I received when I cashed out. I know it small potatos compared to the big guys, but when you are 23 cashing out 1400 from something you put $0 into, thats a big deal.

2) The first tourney I ever won was the GCPR nightly freeroll at 1am, when the first prize $660.

3) First live MTT i did was the Act 3 at Foxwoods, on my 2nd try I won the act 1, and act 2. I met Mike Sexton, the year before WPT started, talked to him and shook his hand. Still the only pro i have actually met and spoke with. And then I finsished 17 out of 95, 7 spots away from money or a 10k ticket. Still not bad for a 23 year old.

4) Coming in 4th out of 1700 peeps in 28k guaranteed on FT. Biggest cash in a tourney so far at $1325

So yes, I may not be the best poker player, but I am overall a winning poker player. And in the end, thats all I really ask for.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

LOL - dude, that's Don's shtick. He's already in your head. LOL - but if that lead to this post, I am grateful for Don pissing you off. Brian, just play your game dude. Some like to talk, that's Don's thing, but he's an awesome guy.

LOL - this post was great.

Oh, and FYI, LJ is pvanharibo, her blog is lawchica.blogspot.com. You know, she's only won like tens of thousands of dollars in tournaments (both live and online).

But, I think that was a slam.

Poker Brian said...

Thanks Alan, i know who she is, but the LJ threw me off :-).

Im over it now, but I wont lie that it affected my game play a little. I usually keep chat off in big tourneys, but there are so many bloggers out there i like to talk to i keep it on for blogger tournies.

And I dont think any less of Don or think hes a jerk (even if he cared what I think ;) ), but its like if you bust say Ferguson out of a big MTT, he says good game, but then calls you trash. You know what I mean? Someone you respect and revere. I'm really trying to play better, because I do want to be a complete player not just a luckbox who sucks out to win.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I hear ya. Don's cool as shit so once you get to know him, you could laugh at his comments too. You should one day come out for the bloggers gathering. Totally worth it.