Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And all that Razz

So after crapping out of 2 NL SnGs, I decided to play a 5.50 Horse tourney. Omaha in these types of low limit tourneys is like a minefield. Case in point I cap the raising between 3 people when I hit top set on an uncoordinated, undouble sooted board. I end up losing to a lower set on the flop turned and rivered into a straight.

So im barely surviving in that tourney when I see a razz sat to the MSOP event. Long story short, I won a seat into the razz MSOP on Wednesday and eventually bounced from the horse tourney after i made an awesome comeback to lead the field after bein the gigli for a while.

Also ended up playing 1/2 razz ring game, won all the money i lost in tourneys back and padded the bankroll a smidgeon. Up to 145 now. The train keeps a rollin...