Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weird Night at Foxwoods

Holy crap people, I swear tonight was Friday the 13th, not last week. Someone tell me if its a full moon, the weirdest shit I have ever seen at F-WOODS poker room.

First thing I did was sign up for a $120 SnG. No biggy right?

#1: 6 or 7 of the people at the table knew each and came from Boston together.

#2: About 2 mins after they called the SnG, 8 of us are sitting down, and the dealer asks the table "so should I deal?" Usually the dealer sets the timer to 5 minutes to give people enough time to arrive for the game.

#3: I suggest to the dealer, since she seems to be itching to do something, to high card for the button. She does this, then IMMEDIATELY proceeds to deal the tourney, 5 mins be damned!

#4: The table is horribly weak, i am the only person who DOESNT min-raise when they bet.

#5: 2 of the friendly guys are involved in a pot, the super drunk one on my left, and the super aggressive one on my right. Drunk raises, folds to aggressive. He goes in the tank. While hes thinking, drunk flips over one of his cards, a 9 of hearts. The dealer looks at me and says "i dont think he can do that", I have no friggin clue what the rule is. So he turns the face up 9h face down, then turns his other card up, 9d. The dealer really gets confused at this and calls the floor. Floor decides his hand is not dead but after the hand he must take a 7 hand penalty (7 people left in the SnG). When the heck have you ever seen a penalty in a 10 person SnG? I havent. The hand result, the aggro guy called the pre-flop raise, but folded on a small flop.

Thats just the first table folks...

So after I bust out from going card dead, I join another SnG.

This one isnt much better, as there is a guy in seat 9 who has no idea what hes doing. Example: He is reapeatidly told what the chip values are, but he still can not understand the concept, so he writes the values down on the back of tourney slip....
Also have what I will call a cross-eyed albino Yankees fan in seat 4 who let everyone know that "I PLAY POKER ONLINE!" and although its only his second online tourney, he plays online pretty frequently. You can guess what kind of player he is.

I basically won one hand against "whats the value?" and then i couldnt win any races again. CEAYF goes all in for 800 when blinds are 50/100, fold to me I have A-Khh, and re-raise to isolate. He flips over 6s, neither of us improve, he wins. He says "I HAD 6s YOU HAVE TO GO ALL-IN THERE."
Similar situation for me like the first tourney. I have 10-9hh, raise all-in for like 725, BB says "ill donate", that auto means im beat...J-7, flops a 7 and im done.

So, the SnGs are done for the night, i take the rest of my BR to the 1/2 nl. I post in and get dealt K-3o. No raises. I flop K-3. UTG bets 10, i call. Everyone else folds. Turn is a 9. UTG bets POT. Pot is over 100 now and I have a little over 100 left, I push, he calls. River is K. I show Kings full, he shows K-6o. Not bad double up first hand.

The next hand I'd like some thought on what this lady had:

Seat 10 is a lady who recently sat down and has over-raised each hand shes been in for 5 straight hands. When I say over-raise, her initial raise has been between 20-26 bucks each time shes raised. Some more info about this chick: UTG straddled to 4, she was UTG+1 and called 2. When informed there was a straddle, she took her bet back and raised to 22. After calling the floor she had to limp in. She ended up showing down Q-8cc. She also had raised with 10-5o in EP and filled a boat on the river. She is obviously drunk or strung out.

Heres my hand:

I am in EP and pick up A-Qdd. I limp knowing that this crazy lady will raise. It folds to her and she raises to $24. I call.

Flop Kd-Jd-Xx

I check. She checks.

Turn: 9s

I bet out 50, she re-raises to 120. Not unusual as this is the 2nd time she raised to that exact amount. Realistically she could have anything, but because she was SO aggressive and she checked the flop I figured she had A-J or something like that. If that’s true I have 9 diamonds, 3 kings, 3 tens as outs.

So I re-raise all-in for something like 200. Its costing her $70+ to call a pot of $350. Im doing all my best Caro impressions, leaning back in my chair, blinking twice, looking at the cards etc etc. Apparently I went ahead and messed with her head pretty good. She was mumbling about a Q being no good, and she was concerned because I had raised all-in immediately after she had said raise. She thought for a good 3-5 minutes, and laid it down. Knowing that she would slow down a little bit now, I flipped up the A-Q. And she said "now I know".

So later on she switched seats to 2 to my left and was discussing a hand with the guy to my right about a call he made against her. She won a hand with A-A and says, "its good to see my A-A win especially since the last time I had them (stares at me) I lost."

So she disappears for a bit and I'm chatting up the guy to my right who is a decent player (although he doubled me up my first hand I sat down) and I say "you really think she had A-A?" He says, I highly doubt it, but she should have called ATC with that pot. He also thinks shes not totally with it…

The last hand I was there the guy called her all the way to the river with A-7o and landed an A on the river to take a huge pot. She wouldn’t stop talking to him about calling that, until he finally says, "You raise to 25 with 10-5 offsuit, what the heck do you expect me to do?"


Mike Maloney said...

Who knows, honestly. A pair of 9s? A draw? Jack shit? I'd say she could easily have any of those.