Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ante Up Home Game

Friday night was a special home poker game at JLBSox's house as co-host of the Ante Up podcast, Chris Cosensa(sp?) and a few of the other podcast listeners were at this game.

The tourney was a $50 buy-in 30k deep deep stack tourney. Tough field, minus the 3 usuals, they were as fishy as usual.

My SB vs BB, I have 3-3 and raise 3 1/2 the BB. BB calls. Flop is A-A-A. I figure Im good here since it is unlikely he has an A, or a pair, but i also know this guy really well. He will call with crap the whole way. I bet 3/4ths pot, he calls. Turn is a Q. I lead out again for 3/4ths. Call. River is a 4. I throw one last ditch bet to get him out of the friggin hand... call. He flips up J-4 for a river boat... He then tells everyone he was chasing a flush... COMO SAY WTF? Yes the J-4 were sooooooted and the tuen gave him a flush draw.

Other than that the first 2 hours of thr tourney were quiet, one bustout out of 11. Then the hand I get elimated on... Now I know I played this horribly, but if anyone has any constructive advice what to do in this situation I'd love to hear it (plus any AK, AQ play as well as i seem to struggle with those hands when i miss the flop)

Im on the button, 10 people left 150/300 with a 50 ante, i have about 35k-40k chips.

Folds to MP who raises to 1200.

I look down to see J-J, i throw in the 1200.

BB raises to 3200. OR calls, I c'all. Pot is over 10k.

Flop 8-Q-8 2 hearts. BB bets out half the pot. OR calls, I re-raise to 24k (leaving about 10k behind) My gut says A-K on this one so I want to put him at a decision to fold or race. BB goes all in, OR folds. Now I can fold an have 10k behind, or I can go with my gut that says he is pushing my A-K thinking he can get me off my hand since I showed no pre-flop aggression. I think for a while, then I call saying "i think im running into a set here"

He has A-Khh, 15 outs.. I dodge the turn, but the 2h on the river closes the deal.

So I got my money while ahead, but behind in the %s, so I ask what is the best play in that situation?

Note to self never play double flop for cash, or the catch the wave omaha game..not worth it.

Condo is offically sold, no more going back to that place, but still i seem to be in a funk lately. I think poker has something to do with it as I feel like I am just not grasping common concepts that at this point I should know front back and sideways... Im readin the essential poker attitudes book, and it turns out a lot i do emotionally is screwing me out of money.

I think the concept that hit home hard with me is: Just because you are winning money, doesnt mean you are playing well. Just because you are losing money, doesn't mean you are playing poorly.

I know I have gotten lucky in the past, but how much of my past successes have been luck, and how much has been earned?