Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baseball, Work, Video games

A non-poker night for me last night. The gf was using my laptop for other non-important purposes so I settled in for a spot of reading, playing some video games on the 360 and of course Phillies vs Sox!

The gf and her fam are yanks fans, so I watch my fair share of yanks (this is ok since I have Jeter on both my fantasy teams, we both have something to root for), but since 2004 Sox fans have been downright annoying. At first it was the pissing and moaning at Foxwoods about how they never win (2003-2004) then it was "the curse is over (2005-2007) then this year its been non-stop sox sox sox. And then on top of it, they have the Pats, and even better now they have the Celts on the verge of winning it all.

Needless to say, I am tired of Boston sports fans in general. So anytime time I get some ammo i can use to rib the enitre CT/MA area fans, I use it to death. So 8-2, has been my rallying cry all morning at work.
"Hey Josh, you catch that sox game last night? What was the final score? 13-1?"(always embellish with an incorrect score, cause you KNOW they will correct you)
"No, no it was 8-2."
"Oh!I see Ryan Howard had an ok night last night."
"Yeah 2 HRs, and a triple."
"Don't forget the 4 RBIs."

So of course the only comeback for the barrage I have unleashed is "Oh yeah? Well the Pats are gonna kill the Chiefs week 1!" (KC @ NE)

Silly Sox fans, one loss and you think about football season.

Looks like Unimpressed is getting back into poker a little bit, maybe I can get him down to f-woods one of these days again.


Riggstad said...

Indeed Ryan Howard is the Man!!

And we might be watching the preview of the world series right now.

Redsox fans are so -EV