Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boy do I live in a bubble...

You know as my tepid little existence is meandering on with assisnine poker crap, i mean lets be real, im not the most detailed blogger in the world, nor am i close to being better than average at poker, but yet I type my crap on here like in the grand scheme of things its entertaining to read my stuff.

And thats the rub, there is real poker drama out there, and there are bloggers who can remember how exactly their hands played out and the situation and what they did etc etc.

I think I clinged to the BBT crowd because I was looking for kinship amongst poker playing peers. Other than Unimpressed (who I play with semi-regularly) I dont have any friends who are IN TO poker.

So thanks to everyone who stops by to catch my little corner of crap, and feel free to offer me any poker advice or whatever to make me a better player. I never refuse advice, even if I don't readily believe in it.


Dillo said...

I don't care how good or bad a player you are fish. You keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Have a good one!