Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poker Breaks and what to do about my MTT funk

Man seems like most of the people I read blogs from are taking breaks from poker (or like Waffles, taking a new one every day!!) seems like the BBT burnt a lot of people out, especially the winners. I kinda miss not having a tourney to play every night, although I have been sleeping more, so I'll call that a push. Maybe its fate that I donked my bankroll off toward the end of the BBT, cause if it was still going I'd be driving all over CT to find some more reload cards... Well to all of you who are taking a break, good luck and see you back soon hopefully.

Man MTTs are kicking my ass, it use to be i would either donk out in first 10, or make the money. Now I am bubbling everything. Gotta re-read Harrington's second book and figure out what I could be doing better.

House is coming along, everything should be all settled after a week of hell.