Thursday, June 5, 2008

Missed the Mookie, but made some money

Yeah, the first Mookie ive missed in quite awhile... The deal is I have 58 bucks on FT, stopped in a .25/.50 nl game to see if I can make a quick score but 1) Wasn't getting any cards 2)Scared crapless of FT right now, I can't play my game the way I want to.

So I hopped on over to PS. I found a 180 person 4.40 MTT ready to go so signed up. I ended up pulling a M@TH manuever as I took a 10k chip lead over the 2nd place guy with about 40 to go, and by the time we got to the final table I was in 8th. Two bad calls by contributed to this. (I called with A-Qo vs K-K and I ran 6-6 into a short stack's A-A) So I finished in 7th for a score of $25. Its a start.

Then I lost 2 bucks at 1/2 Stud before I decided to do a SnG. Found a $16 turbo, which I ended up doing very well in. It got heads up and I was a massive chipleader, where I got bad beated twice: A-6 vs his 6-9, 9 on river, then J-J vs 8-4 flop was Q-10-9, turn: J.

Down 5 to 1 in Chips I had an awesome comeback to win the whole darn thing for a haul of $67.50!!! Up to over $150 on PS from $50. First time I felt I was just playing good poker in a long while, online anyways. Man today feels like Friday...I wish it was.

House problems: The house we agreed to buy has a Radon and debatable ermite problem. I say debatable ebcause our bug guy found the "start" of termintes, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees but no actual insects. The homeowners also broguht in a respectable bug guy and he said they didnt have Also the radon test came back as 3.9 picocuries (4.0 being a failure) but initially they didnt want to do anything because it passed...All we asked for is to have the 4 hairline cracks in the foundation sealed professionally to prevent the retun of insects and to prevent some more radon from seeping in, but the homeowners seem to be balking at these requests. Luckily our house is sold and we can stay with Alissa's parents as long as we want so we can always back out of this deal....but man the house is gorgeous otherwise... Solid construction (2 by 6s, anderson windows, american standard Central Air with 2 zones) but its not worth getting lung cancer over.