Friday, June 6, 2008

Down Again (bad beats contained within)

I can just not get ahead on online poker. I played some SnG on PS and got bounced by 4 or less outs 3 times... My A-Qo vs Q-Q, got it all in on the flop with an A, turn was the case Q, my 8-8 vs 4-4 in pre-flop River was a 4. AKdd vs J-J, J on the flop A on the river...

Then in stud I boat on 6th street 3s full of 2s and this dumb idiot of a person calls with 7s, hits A-A on 5th and 6th, then gets a 7 on the river. I noted to her that she was drawing to 2 outs. Then her and some idiot who was calling with a flush draw say she had 4. Except flush draw idiot must have forget he had a 3rd visible A, ok i was wrong maybe 3 outs.

The best donkey excuse I have ever heard occured last night. Its fixed limit sng.

In EP I raise with A-Q. 1 caller, SB. Flop is 7-6-2. I bet, he calls. Turn: K Bet, call. River: 10 Bet, call.

Now I fully admit I was stupid to continue to bet into someone in limit, so thats my mistake, but I just figure he didnt hit the flop hard and he might fold.
So I show my A-Q, he shows......3-2!

Pokerbrian22: Wow, really? 3-2?
Donkey: You had nothing.
Donkey: You couldn't even beat 2s, you were betting with nothing!
Pokerbrian22: lol 2s

So yeah, it didnt get any better from there, i kept calling him with lol2s all night, then I got beat by the 4s vs my 8s. He said bye, and I said gl lol2s.

But that sums up my night, im thinking of planning a trip to F-woods on my day off either on tuesday or wednesday to take part in either $180 NL tourneys on those days. I feel like im playing well and recognizing good steal situations, but im just not winning the coin flips (or the dominant hands)its gotta turn around online soon I would hope, and hopefully my winning way continue in the live games.

Have a great weekend everyone and if you are in the NE area maybe catch you at f-woods one of these days.


Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for plugging the TAO!