Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sports Minute

Trent Green is getting the nod over Bulger this week for the Rams. Wow.

Not that I care one lick about Syracuse, full disclosure I am a PITT fan, but GROB was the defensive coordinator during the 03 Chiefs Season and the famous "no punt" playoff game.
Seems hes having some trouble at Syracuse and heres what he had to say about his AD not giving him a vote of confidence:

"He isn't going to do anything right now," Robinson, referring to Gross, said Monday night. "I know that. But let me tell you something, we just need to win. We're capable of winning. People don't know it."

Um people dont know you are capable of winning because you dont win.
Phillies up 2 1/2 over the sinking Mets. Take bets now on who their next manager will be. How about old standby Showalter?