Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wow What A Win

Heres the headline from my fantasy baseball league:

Beisbols... has tremendous comeback! From a shitty season to a League Championship!
Well.... great season fellas... i'd be glad to do one again sometime... but we will certainly have some type of a tie breaker!

Looks like Hartford Beisbols has it all wrapped up! Great Job! Very impressed with your dedication.

Regular season Hartford Beisbols (worst fantasy name ever?) 4-16-2
Post-Season: 3-0!

Nice $100 core when I gave up on the league until i found out all teams make the playoffs....made some FA aquisitions before the playoffs and waa-laa a win.

Lets not talk about FFBL this past weekend, it wasn't pretty. Got my ass handed to me. Chiefs got beat the hell up, wasnt pretty either.

Phills up by 2!