Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stupendous Saturday!

Watched the debate last night, hands down I believe Obama came out of that one a winner. McCain looked like the arrogant asshole everyone knows he is and Obama looked like Mr Cool.
-P.S.: The gf, who is not very political at all, kept popping her head up from her book last night and asking me if McCain was dellusional everytime he announced we won the war in Iraq.

This morning I accomplished something I didn't think I would do again without the help of cashing in a big tourney, the online BR is back over $500 for the first time since May. While I know some people out there in blogger land make this in a day or 2, this is a proud accomplishment for myself. After I went all WaMu with regards to online poker, I buckled down, bought in for $50 and slowly increased it to $500.
I think this is very important in my poker development as I have been able in the past online to successfully do this (party poker, gaming club poker room) but after coming in 4th at the 14k, and handed a nice big bankroll I pissed it away thinking I could maintain my crappy play.
So yeah, now we just have to keep this going and hopefully soon enough I can rejoice over hitting the 1k mark.

Poker @ JLBSox house tonight, i think its just a small turnout of about 5 people, but none the less should make for some fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend and cant wait to say "COngratulations to your back to back NL East champions, the Philadelphia Phillies!"


SirFWALGMan said...

Slow and steady is the way to do it.. not some splashy MTT win. Sure you can be successful with the nice big splash win by slow steady grinding is proven good way for everyone.