Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top 10 Cities Hit hardest by Financial Crisis

Interesting to note, my city is listed as number 9.

10 Towns That Will Be Hit Hardest

1. Darien, Conn.
Share population in finance and real estate: 27.23%
Nearest large city: New York
Population: 20,666
Median salary: $168,687

2. Bloomington, Ill.
Share population in finance and real estate: 26.31%
Nearest large city: Chicago
Population: 70,395
Median salary: $54,971

3. Hoboken, N.J.
Share population in finance and real estate: 23.33%
Nearest large city: New York
Population: 40,002
Median salary: $81,356

4. West Des Moines, Iowa
Share population in finance and real estate: 22.15%
Nearest large city: Des Moines
Population: 54,627
Median salary: $61,303

5. Garden City, N.Y.
Share population in finance and real estate: 20.22%
Nearest large city: New York
Population: 21,671
Median salary: $121,831

6. Summit, N.J.
Share population in finance and real estate: 19.74%
Nearest large city: New York
Population: 20,618
Median salary: $111,497

7. Westport, Conn.
Share population in finance and real estate: 19.39%
Nearest large city: New York
Population: 26,822
Median salary: $137,133

8. University Park, Tex.
Share population in finance and real estate: 18.83%
Nearest large city: Dallas
Population: 24,582
Median salary: $110,976

9. Wethersfield, Conn.
Share population in finance and real estate: 18.73%
Nearest large city: Hartford
Population: 26,146
Median salary: $63,359

10. Mountain Brook, Ala.
Share population in finance and real estate: 18.66%
Nearest large city: Birmingham
Population: 20,654
Median salary: $115,148


Instant Tragedy said...

And I went to school at the #5 city Garden City, NY.

Wow. Its kinda sad.

How are you holding up?


1Queens Up1 said...

Doing OK IT. It pays to work for a non-US based financial institution I guess. Layoffs arent en-masse, but they did just close a long standing portion of my buisness unit out in Bismarck, ND.

And ive been told if my company acquires any other Life insurance company that we migth get phased out, just all speculation right now.

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