Wednesday, September 17, 2008

what the fetch is wrong with sports fans?

The last few weeks I have been immersed further in sportsness as football has returned.
What I've noticed is that sports "fans" on the whole are becoming stupider, if that's possible.
For example this morning I was reading the comments section on the espn article about Jeter's new record. The comments started out nice enough but then the "jeter sux" "jeter's overrated" comments start. How stupid/jealous/retarded do you have to be to make those comments? I myself am not a yankee fan, but I can at least respect the fact Jeter is one of the better players the mlb has seen in awhile. Guy is a class-act, isn't even brought up in the steroids thing, and he is a first ballot hofer. What more can you ask? Even if you are a sox or mets fan you should at least respect his accomplishments.
Im not saying rivalry taunting isnt acceptable for example the Raiders are d-bags, and while this is a fact, i also can respect when their players do something on a highler level of NFL-ness.
Mets fans are usually lemmings, again while this is a fact, if Santana threw a perfect game i'd tip my hat.

Th other thing that is bugging me is the harrassment of ed hochuli. The guy blew a call, big frigin whoop. The chargers made a big deal about it (obv) but there's got to be a point where you hold yourself accountable. You had 2 trys to win the game and you blew it, deal with it. If you are better than your 0-2 record prove it, don't whine about the call. The hate mail and death threats are ridiculous (yes I know this is groundbreakingly new territory here) please for the love of sports people, get yourself under control.

After going 4-16-2 in the regular season I am on a 2 game winning streak in my fantasy baseball playoffs.
Currently I am 6-3-1 in the championship game behind Ryan Howard, Werth, and Brad Lidge. Love when my real life allegiances help my money producing vices!