Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hump day

Played poker for the first time in a long while. The gf was watching big brother (which I cannot stand) so I picked up the lappy, fiddled with my fantasy football teams then fired up full tilt.
As I waited for a 1/2 horse spot to open up, I noticed a 5.50 horse tourney just started so I registered late.

Not really much to say at the start, floundered around 750-1500 chips. To be entirely honest, I was paying much more attention to my fantasy baseball team (championship week, 100 smackers at stake) and the philles and mets games.

I finally got to a point where I was low stacked and tired of the donkery. I had a-qcc and got all my chips in pre-flop against 2 donks. Flop was q-q-9, 2 hearts. Turn was another heart and I figure I'm done. One donk bets the other folds and we flip. Guy shows k-k with a heart. River blanks and I'm back up to a little over starting.
Few hands later I get a-ko, I raise and just one uber donk calls. Flop misses and I betn he calls. Ditto on the turn. River again misses, but here's the thing: this donk had called all the way down in previous hands with air. I chance it, bet, and he calls. I flip up a-k and he mucks. I check what he called with and it was a-q.
Again a few hands later. I have a-jss. Raise from late, uberd calls. Same scenerio as before, I flip a-j and he mucks, I check and he had j-9.

So I'm starting to build a stack as omaha kicks in. I lose a few chips to a couple redonkulas raises after I flop a nut straight. But get it back when I call with ah-2h-4-5. Turn a nut flush, river the best low.
Next hand same exact thing.

So at this point I have a sizeable stack and I check my standings. 1st! Around this time I see a familiar name pop into the chat window, none other the wafflenator. I find out he's playing and pushmonkey was too.

To wrap this up I got bounced in 9th on back to back hand.
Short table, last hand of razz I have a-2 with 9 showing. Its 5 handed with the guy to my right showing a 9 the others showing faces. 9 completes, I figure I have a good enough raising hand here to pop his 9, so I do. Folds to him, and he re-pops, I cap.
4th street nets me a 3 and him a 4. I bet, he raises, I re-raise, he caps. 5th nets me a 6 and him a 2. At this point I'm thinking he paired this 2. He bets, I re-raise, he reiraises. Now I'm worried, he wouldn't re-raise here with a pair, I just call. 6th is a q for me and a j for him. Nothing changed, he bets I call. River nets me another a... He bets his last 1800 so I have to call this. He shows a-2-3-4-9 which beats my a-2-3-6-9. Ahead until 5th and he's capping with a-3-4-9.

Next hand is stud hi and I'm almost done. I'm first to act with a k showing 3 people are sharing a 7 and then the bring in has a 4. I complete and bring in calls. I get it all in on 4th with nothing, he calls of course with even worse nothing and some how rivers a straight to beat 2 pair.

I hate feeling like I play for 3 hours just so some donk.can win.

So 9th netted me 15 bucks and a sour end to the night.