Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random thoughts from the week

One thing I've learned is that not everyone can just go with the flow and even the most insignificant amounts of money can make people idiots.

Fantasy football which is supposed to be a nice friendly competition between nfl fanatics sometimes leads to silly and stupid instances.
For example,in my first year in joining a new league back in 04, I was playing the commish week 1 and as I watched the updates miraculously around 7pm his rb who did jack got swapped for a bench) who did better that day.
Intital reaction was fury and I called him out on the league site etc etc. His excuse was he was on a biz trip starting the next day and he thought he was roster changing for the next week. Did I think he was cheating? Hell yeah. 5 years later we're friends and I can safely say I don't think he was cheating at all.

As for full tilt I can't post a big win. Its a lot of small wins or big losses. And I can't seem to figure out razz anymore. Skillz was razz this week but I felt like it was the first time I ever played it. I couldn't even believe I made money off of it at one point.

I really want to get down to foxwoods and see if I can win a pass into the wpf main event. No idea when I can get down there though.