Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some thoughts from Week 1

Right now its halftime at Colts/Bears and it looks like Peyton is still hurting. Cant help having 3 newbie linemen directly in front of him either against the Bears D.
Matt Forte is the back the Bears have been missing, I expect no less than a 10 TD 1.2k yard season from him.
Michael Turner, wtf???? This was the most overhyped kid around. He had 1 good game last year after SD was blowing whatever team it was out of the water and Turner continued where LT left off. He choked in relief after that, and he choked in the playoffs when LT went down. I think this was an emotional performance over a bad Lions D. Dont be surprised if hes just average for most of this season.

Now on to the most important game this week, KC @ NE. All the stupid Pat fan friends I have around here kept rubbing it in my face the Chiefs were gonna get smacked. My rallying cry was that if the Patsies couldnt cover the spread (16.5) I would consider it a victory. Boy I love when I get proven wrong! The offense looked like crap with Croyle in there (Jamaal Charles was exactly what I thought he'd be, a future stud). The Chiefs D was good until 3rd and long and seemed to just give up those conversions. Then Brady went out.....
Now heres the thing, watching the play, I didnt see Pollard hit Brady but I did see Sammy Morris (or whomeever was the blocking back on that play) pull on Pollard's facemask so hard he was lifting his head straight up. He was crawling to get to Brady while Morris ride him to the ground and he hit Brady in the leg.
Where the f-bomb does Moss get off saying that it was a 'dirty hit that opened his eyes'. STFU noob. You were 15 yards down field how the hell can you see whats happening in the pocket, on the ground? Did you see it on the Jumbotron? Im sure the NE video crew (all professionals) made sure to crop the video just enough so you didnt see Pollard's neck breaking from the non-call facemask.
Anyway, I knew KC had a chance with Brady out, but we still had the Croyle problem. Then Croyle got hurt, and I let myself start to get silly hopes in my head. "If we can hold them here and let Huard get out, I think we can win this."
So they proceed to allow a score which in the end was the game winner. But in true weird KC fashion, Huard comes out and leads them down for a score. Huard later caused a bad INT, and also may have had a hand in the horrible 5 yard playcalling (5 wide on 1st and goal from the 5??? really??? We only had 3wrs suited for the game...) but the glaring thing he did was expose just how horrible Croyle is. Croyle had exactly one good play. He stepped up in the pocket and tossed a laser to Bowe (one of those ones he didnt drop) for a nice gain. Every other play looked like he was a scared little bish running from a crappy pash rush. He needs to go. But knowing my team as I do, they won't. Maybe we draft a QB next year or we bring in a vet, either way we wont have good QB for a long time...

In good news, I won all my money leagues. One of them by exactly 1.24 points. Good start.

Up $75 from the homegame I had this week, more money to dump into WPF tounreys.