Friday, September 5, 2008


Another craptacular week has gone by, even though it was a short one it felt like it took forever just to get to Friday.

First off congrats to Evy for her 5th place at the Borgata, click her link and go wish her happy tidings.

Secondly, Im starting up the old monthly home game again at the new casa. (By the way anyone who wants to make the trip to Wethersfield, CT is invited to take part)
I gotta run out and by more chairs tomorrow morning as I think we will have either the largest or second largest turn out in the history of my home game.
As Unimpressed will tell you, this game isn't really about winning in-so-much-as just having a good time with some crazy people. Oh and listening to some Richard Cheese, thats a must.

Breaking News I just received in my work email:

Building security has reported a bear sighting today near the rotary at Northfield Drive. While bear attacks are rare, the following tips might be helpful if you find yourself in close proximity to a bear:

Stay calm and do no run.
Walk away slowly.
Do not make eye contact and speak in a soothing voice.
Make your presence known by making noise and waving your arms if you see a bear.

My question is do I speak in a soothing voice while notfiying the bear of my presence?

Hope everyone has a good weekend and if anybody out there in blogger land mayhap be interested in a home game, send me a message and ill hook you up with my addy.