Thursday, September 4, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears?

People who are paid to write about sports, specifically a sport with which they have much knowledge, and they screw it up by not understanding the whole picture.

Example #1: Yesterday in the Kansas City Star Jason Whitlock (AKA Jason Witless) trashed the Chiefs yet again in another article. This bothers me for 2 reasons.

1) He promised not to bash the Chiefs too hard in his pre-season segment because he understood the team was young and there will be many mistakes made by the team. He would reserve his criticism for C.P.

2) HE WRITES FOR THE HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER! I understand his articles are opinions, and yes I agree with a lot of his opinions that he has about the team (not where he believed Jeff George would be a great fit), but don't sell out your home town team! The article asked Coach Camera to bench Brady this week and save him for the Jets, he promised we would still stink and alluded to the fact the Pats could start Croyle and still win.

Example #2: Bill Simmons wrote this gem:

PATRIOTS (-16.5) over Chiefs
Big week for fantasy mega-sleeper Jabar Gaffney: Something like nine catches, 85 yards, one TD and a near-riot on tens of thousands of fantasy football waiver wires next week. I can't think of a better Week 1 opponent for the Pats than Kansas City, the team that recently launched a rebuilding effort by trading its 26-year-old stud defensive end for draft picks. And you thought the Royals were the worst-run team in town? Watch this!

I have no reservations about the fact the Chiefs will 99.9% assuredly lose to the Pats. I even agree that the team is not very well run at the moment, but where he screws up is that he can't comprehend WHY the Chiefs would ever trade Jared Allen for Draft picks. Pretty easy if you think about it:

J.A. has been in the league for what, 4 years? In those 3 with the Chiefs he had 2 D.U.I.s. Even before he joined the Chiefs he was a risky pick out of Idaho with him running into trouble with the law. Ok got all that?
Now lets go back 8 years in Chiefs history....

Its 2000 and the Chiefs sign Eric Warfield to a big contract (big by KC standards anyway) and then flashforward to 2005.... Warfield gets arrested for his 3rd DUI and is suspended by the league. How about those career stats that warrented a big contract?
Tackles 392
Sacks 1
INT 20
Over 7 years with K.C.!

Jump back to 2007, J.A. gets his 2nd DUI and is suspended by the league. The difference? J.A. is upset because the Chiefs won't negotiate a long term big contract with him. So we trade him to Minensota and draft Dorsey then Albert. Your telling me this didn't work in the Chiefs favor?? Thats mis-managment by trading a troubled player while he still has value and the reigning sack king? I think out of all the blunders KC has made, thats the smartest thing they've ever done.
Now maybe J.A. has a great year this year, which I highly doubt, I still say so what. Might wanna check out how many sacks J.A. had in the 4th quarter of games last year (0!).