Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Break from the story to talk Phillies baseball

To start off, let me say I don't remember much about the 1992 Phillies, and I don't remember much about the '94 Phillies other than it was a strike shortened, Expos would-be pennant winning year, and I think Jim Fregosi's last as Phillies Manager.

I do without a doubt remember the 13th year of my life as a Phillies phan. There was a lot of hype surrounding the '93 Phillies as the were headed down the stretch the entire Philly area was abuzz with World Series talk since it had been 10 years since the last appearance, a disappointing loss to the Orioles. I recall vividly that the group 95 South did a Phillies version of their hit song "Whoot There It Is" (not to be confused with Tag Team & Whoomp There It Is) where they replaced their lyrics with all the names of the Phillies lineup. Q102 played that song to death.

I think the magical thing about the '93 Phillies (as I truly believe all magical teams possess) was a sense of personality. These Phillies had the scruff. They refused to shave (and probably shower) and it led to mullets and Grizzly Adams beards.
Think about the players on that team?
Catcher: Darren Daulton
1st Base: John Kruk
2nd Base: Mariano Duncan/Mickey Morandini
Shortstop: Kevin Stocker
3rd Base: Dave Hollins/Charlie Hayes
Outfielders: Jim Eisenreich, Pete Incaviglia, Lenny Dykstra

SP: Tommy Greene, Terry Mulholland, Curt Schilling, Larry Anderson, Dave West (hit a grand slam that year too if i remember correctly)
Closer: Mitch Williams

93 Phillies were a legend, hopefully this year turns out better.