Tuesday, October 14, 2008

World Poker Finals at Foxwoods

Hey all, just wanted to give a low down on the WPF, the Foxwoods WPT event that starts Monday October 20th.

The first week schedule looks like this:

20th: $300 NLHE Shootout
21st: $600 NLHE <---- Event I am scheduled to enter
22nd: $600 Stud Hi
23rd: $600 Omaha 8
24th: Seniors Event
25th: $300 Ladies Only NLHE

Looks like Drewsfour was planning on taking a trip, maybe even the Bam man himself.

I have every day cept Monday off and was planning on putzin around, give a heads up if you are headed out there.

P.S. Mohegan Sun's 750k guaranteed deep stack starts the 22nd, there is a day 1b on the 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Is there a site online that lists the current standings on these tourney's?