Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Disappointing run

So I participated in the 600 NLHE event yesterday at Foxwoods WPF. I played with great instinct but I was in survival mode for a majority of the day.

680 entered and I finished somewhere in the 130s, 70 paid.

Guy to my right was my nemesis all day, making horrible calls, pushes etc and lucking into a huge stack. It got to the point everytime he made a raise and I had a semi-decent hand I pushed, getting him to fold. Although in one instance Shorty UTG pushed for 2250 folds to idiot and he calls. I look at A-Js and since again I was playing survival mode I decided to push here. Idiot was making noises while deciding to call. 5 minutes later he decided to call my 5500 more with 7s... So yeah called off almost half of his stack with 7s...

I end up spiking an A on the river, but the shorty made a flush with the A so I won the side.

Same thing kept happening throughout the day, he made a sick push into a huge raise with 10s and got called by a big stack with A-K. Flop has an A, Turn is a k, river is a 10.

Later on he called a chick whoo just sat down all the way to the river on a K-Q board, river was a J. She bets a big amount, and after another 5 minute drama and noise filled tank, he pushes. She thinks for a bit and calls, he shows Q-J for the rivered 2 pair, she mucked A-K.

Ironically, he got the pleasure of elimating me when I pushed all in with K-J and he called with A-Q. 8-8-5-4-6 and im gone.

Was a learning expierience, need to make more moves early on in the tourney which puts me in a better position for the middle part. Also to start making more hero calls. I noticed the people with the big stacks are the ones who make calls with A-10 etc when a shorty pushes.

That about wraps it up, have to build up my offline bankroll to get back again next year.