Monday, October 20, 2008

Well at least I have the Phillies to cheer for

While perusing the KCStar's website I found this awesome comment about yesterday's Chief game:

And lo the undefeated army of Titans marched from the land of Tennessee through the gates of Arrowhead. And the Idol Clark sang praises unto King Carl and his Harlot Worm Sperm saying their rule shall last forever. And the Idol Clark again robbed the people to pay for the army of Arrowhead. But the army of Arrowhead was greatly weakened by the false teachings of the Harlot Worm Sperm. And the soldiers of Arrowhead were greatly displeased with their bondage in slavery to King Carl. Even the mighty Gonzales wanted to leave the army of Arrowhead, and the powerful chariot Johnson grumbled against the Harlot Worm Sperm and was punished. But the Eunuch Cryole had healed from his wounds and had once again aroused the Harlot Worm Sperm's lust. So the Eunuch Croyle led the army of Arrowhead against the undefeated Titans. But the Titan army laughed at the Eunich Croyle and wounded him such that he had to be taken from the battlefield. And the Titan army then wounded Prince Damon, and so the army of Arrowhead was reduced to a Pigpen.

And the Titans ran over the army of Arrowhead and consumed and humiliated them. And the people of Arrowhead that witnessed the defeat beat their breasts in anger, and the scribes were struck dumb and their words would not come. And the people shouted against the Harlot Worm Sperm and King Carl and the Idol Clark. And the lord looked down upon the land of Arrowhead and was angry with the people and said, "Woe to the people of Arrowhead, for they have disobeyed me. They have not done as I commanded. They have not covered their heads in sackcloth to not look upon the evil that infects Arrowhead, nor withheld their treasure from the Idol Clark and his money changers."

And the lord spake this warning "Since the people of Arrowhead have not done what I have commanded, the land of Arrowhead will be cursed. And the army of Arrowhead will be cursed. And wherever the army of Arrowhead shall go, it shall be defeated and humiliated. All this shall pass until the people of Arrowhead repent and obey my commandments." And the lord commanded his people, "Rise up in righteous anger against the scribes so that they may print the truth, and demand refunds for your gladiator tickets and enter not into the coliseum. For only your disobedience against the abomination that is the Idol Clark and King Carl and his Harlot Worm Sperm will drive them out from the land of Arrowhead forever."

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