Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today, when I woke up, I felt like something great happened

What a great time in history to be living in huh? I wish Obama all the best and hope he can be the president everyone thinks he can.

I have a big long editorial in me somewhere, but im at work and feeling lazier than usual so maybe another time...

Some things that my ADD makes me think randomly:

Commercials -
Sick of the Toyota "Saved By 0" commercials. I watch football on Sundays for 10-12 hours and i have to see this commercial way too many times. During the playoffs, it was played once every half inning...

No matter how many times I hear that Ipod touch commercial song, i cant get tired of it. Its catchy and happy.

Friday Night Lights Direct TV commercial. I don't know whos creative idea this piece of crap it was but the things I think everytime i hear the stupid song start for this one is "Town infested by vampires" not high school football.

Football -

This season is pretty boring in the NFL. This could be
#1: because the Chiefs suck worse than they usually do
#2: It seems every week in fantasy football im getting blown out of losing by mere points.
Fantasy football has not been good to me this year, even though I felt like I drafted pretty well. 3-6, 3-6, 4-5, 4-5, and of the course the non-money league one: 7-1-1.

Video Games -

So far this fall, video games that have been released have been pretty awesome.

The first game I got was Dead Space. Dead space is a horror game set in, wait for it, Outer Space! It draws from a collective of influences such as "Aliens", "Event Horizon", etc etc. So far im about 1/3rd of the way through and i cant play for more than 20 mins a pop or I fear my heart will stop, seriously. Great game though!

Of course I had to put Dead Space down when an even more exciting release came out, Fallout 3. This game is amazing! Non-linear game plot, RPG elements. Its like a MMORPG without the multiplayer.

GoW2 is released Friday and I assume that most of this weekend will be spent online with friends, chainsawing each other. Good times!

Work -

I've meant to continue my work story, but really the DJing was way more exciting than what I do now.

I'm also having severe thoughts about leaving my current position. To give the long and short of it, I've been with my company 5 years. I went from a CSA to Senior CSA to Team Lead to where I am now.
Back in February my manager was fed up with her manager. So she decided to leave and found a job within the company. There was some animosity between her and her boss as he tried to prevent her from leaving without training a replacement, eventually he relented and let her go.
It left me alone as the commander in chief of my team, I was told at the onset it would be temporary and they would bring in a Supervisor who would train me to be a manager and then eventually I would take over. So maybe a month or 2 tops to be by myself.
Well in that span, all the issues that my previous manager let slip by the wayside with regards to HR issues came to a head. I took it upon myself (being that no one else, especially not my ex-bosses' boss) to start enforcing the rules as they should have been. It didn't go over well at first, but then people kinda settled into the flow. Well the upper management types took notice that I was a "no-nonsense guy" and abanadoned the plan to hire a sup to train me to be a sup.

Well I'm in my 9th month of acting manager without a promotion or raise of any kind. Since the market's tanked the boss hasn't said a peep about my future and in that span we have stopped hiring regular CSAs instead we are hiring bilingual CSAs, this has basically saved our team here as if it weren't for having bilingual reps we would have been axed.

I should be happy, im not bothered too much since my boss is located in Minot, ND and is apparently pleased with my performance. However, there has been no mention still of promotion/raise (and with the market in the tank, no bonuses either)and my 1 on 1 meeting with the boss never amount to more than him asking how each person on my team is doing.
In speaking with co-workers they continually ask me why I dont bring up the issue of promotion to him. My personal philosophy is that I shouldn't have to beg for this promotion/raise. I am doing them a great favor by playing ball, and at the very least you think he could give me a heads up when, if anything is coming. Now this philosophy can be debated till im blue in the face (I have had these discussions with my co-workers trust me) and thats how i feel.
Recently ive been thinking of moving on, the problem is Im worried if I apply to a job within the company hes going to attempt to block me from leaving like he blocked my former boss...just a PITA. I could go outside the company but the Financial Services Industry is in shambles....Im really confused at what to anyone?


lj said...

you could ask and maybe they'll still spoon feed you bs, but then at least you tried. what is downside to inquiring about when promotion/raise will happen? it sounds like you deserve it!