Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another RC/PPI Another Final Table

Came in 3rd on this one, my streak of not finishing out the games is at 5.

Going into the last break i was 3rd in chips, 29k behind 2nd.
I get K-7ss and pot it, Tuckfard calls.

K high flop and I pot, he puts me all in, and he obv has K-J and IGH 3rd.

Good news is though that depending on how many points I get, I could hurdle my way into 2nd, however, my toc seat alludes me again.


TuscaloosaJohnny said...

GG last night. After you doubled through me I thought you might be able to get some chips and take it down, but the cooler riseth on you.

lightning36 said...

Being members of the Top Ten Without a TOC Seat club sucks, doesn't it?

I am predicting a lightning36 victory tonight at Skillz. Remember -- you heard it here first.