Sunday, March 22, 2009

Start Week 4 of BBT

Thought I might have some luck on my birthday but I only had enough for 1 suckout with J-9 vs A-Q (rivered a straight) and my 10s held up against Mike Maloney's Q-9cc.

Did come in 11th which is good enough for some more points but with lightning36 and NewinNov both still in the game when i was trounced, I probably wont make up any ground, might move into 5th if lucky.

Im having real trouble at the poker league I go to every Sunday, I cannot get my game on at all. The format is a little odd as they start with 40 chips total (1 chip =s 1 chip) and the blinds are stating at 1 chip/ 2 chips until someone gets knocked out and the blinds immediately raise to 2/4 and increasing every 30 mins.
The 1/2 part im ok with because 20BBs gives me some play, but if someone gets knocked out the first hand (which has happened) you immediately drop to 10BBs...
And throw in one guy who sees any two cards above 10 (and sometimes just one) and he is ready to commit and im struggling.
Last week I pushed short with A-J into said person A-K, not much i can do there. But this week i had a weird encounter with him.

I get 9s UTG, raise to 12 (3x BB) and he re-raises me to 20 (should have been 24 but i didnt call him on it since with the lax rules they have i figured doubling the bet was not a rule, but i later learned it is) and i called. Flop is 10-8-6. I check to see what he does and he bets 20 again. I have 28 chips left and im studying him to see if i can catch anything.
He looks real nervous and was gulping etc etc all things that were telling me he must have A-J, A-Q, or even A-K. So I push knowing he has to and will call. He turns over K-10 and I get busted.

The hand bothered me a lot because I just had no idea why he would re-raise an UTG raiser with as I watched the game unfold I saw that he REALLY just loves any 2 face cards (called an all-in for 90% of his chips with A-10o and he was up against K-K.)

Just have to be cautious and only value bet him, no bluffs....still 12 weeks to turn this ship around.


lightning36 said...

Aw crap -- I went deep again but went out in 4th. NewinNov had a big chip lead but finished 2nd.

As frustrating as this has been, fighting to get to the top of the points board has made it really fun for me.

You had another good showing. Maybe we'll end up heads up in some tournament with a TOC seat on the line. Yowsa!