Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday At The Sun

Went to Mo last night and didnt have the night I hoped for.

Signed up for a $75 SnG. Table was fairly loose (all-in pre K-K vs A-3cc) and I got knocked out 2nd.
I'm on the button with 9 people left, and every single person limps t200. Gets to me and I have K-K, so with 1700 in the pot and my chip count at 2k I push. SB folds. BB takes his time, looking like he is straining, UTG also takes his time and calls, everyone else folds.
Turn over my K-K and UTG tells me I'm not going to like him much. A-A of course, and yes he did limp UTG with A-A. Flop is Q-J-10, good for me. K on the turn, which is bad.

Went to try 1/2nl for a bit and bought in for $145. Lost 40 fairly quickly over a few hands to an gressive older lady who also managed to be extremly annoying as well.
Made most of my money back on one hand: Raise to $12 with A-K off and pickup one caller. Flop is all low rags and I bet out 25, he calls. Turn is another low card. Bet 35, he calls. Flop pairs a low card and I push. He tanks for a bit and folds K-J face up, making me think wtf? On top of that he only had $9 left behind and he didnt put the rest in. I found out later that he was mumbling to the guy next to him that I had nothing and I was playing like an idiot.

After awhile i left $10 up and went to do another SnG. The table was a btter table than the first one cept for the chick directly to my right. First thing I noticed was the size of the rock on her finger. Huge. Huge doesnt even do it justice, ginormous is better. The second thing i noticed was that whomever taught her how to play poker basically said "throw a bet out there everytime it checks to you" and she did and people folded. Oh and she also had no idea what she was doing. She took one guy out by calling her entire sack with A-4o vs q-q. Not much later she again called an all in with K-8 vs 9s. Both times hitting her card. Next she called an all-in with a board of Q-J-9-x-x with pocket 3s, all-in just happened to have A-K.
So i knew i couldnt bluff her, i just tried to avoid her as much as possible.
I was hanging in there with the chip leaders until I made a bonehead mistake.
Old guy who had been raising a lot raised 3x BB on the button. Me in the BB had K-Jdd and I called. Flop was J high, I check he bets. I REALLY thought I should raise this bet here to see how good he is, but I just called. Turn was an A and he bet out again with me calling, River was a blank and he went all-in. I thought about it a bit and tried to rationalize he might have a lower pair than Js, and my call would still leave me with 2k in chips, so i called and he flipped up A-10. Bad moove...

So the next few orbits were me pushing all-in to secure some chips. I finally got called when I had Q-10 vs 8s and I snagged a 10 to live on. Again I was doing great avoiding the idiot chick but when she made another stupid call and doubled up her dwindling stack I couldnt avoid her as she was calling every hand. I just checked on the BB.
Flop comes down 7s-6s-7x and I push. Folds to idiot chick who almost threw the hand away but says 'i gotta call' and shows k-qss. Only 13 outs, so she finally made a smart call but knowing how she had been playing previously I know that counting outs probably wasnt a tool in her repitoire. Anyway turn is a Q and im a loser. IGH literally.